Fundraising Ideas

For MHA Garden Clubs

During this time of isolation and restrictions, many clubs have had to cancel their annual fundraising events.  This is a struggle because costs continue to accumulate.  Here are a few ideas that your club may wish to consider during this time when we have to do things differently. If a topic below is of interest, you are encouraged to Google the topic for more information.

Guided Learning – offer virtual guided learning sessions (i.e. Start Your Garden Now; Shade Gardens, etc.).  Offer the sessions for free and then ask for donations of $1 per minute is participants can.

Scavenger Hunt – sell tickets to participants and engage them in an old fashioned scavenger hunt.  Make sure to emphasize the outdoor provincial restrictions.  Solicit prizes from local merchants or club members and ask them to promote your event.

Virtual Run/Walk – invite participants to pledge a specific number of miles they plan to walk/run and collect sponsors with the proceeds going to the club.

Tours – Allow supporters to virtually see behind the scenes with an expert. Sell tickets with the link to allow participants to join a tour of a passionate grower’s gardens or other interesting topics.  These sessions can be pre-recorded or live.

Cancel Events – reach out to supporters and let them know what’s going on with your regular event.  Thank them for their on-going support and explain the need for donations or to join the monthly giving club of $10, $20, $30, …..

Virtual Gala – establish a host committee, create a beautiful invitation to send out to guests along with information regarding presentations or performances; signature cocktails; on-line auction, etc.

On-line Auction– gather items from club members and local sponsors and put together your auction items.  Take pictures and write descriptions for each of the items and advertise your event.

Peer-to-Peer Fundraising for Facebook Users – when club Facebook users are celebrating an event such as a birthday, anniversary, etc., they can post a request on Facebook to ask well-wishers to make a donation to club via Facebook.

Garage Sale– have all of your club members donate items that they no longer need and collect everything from plants to coffee makers.  Arrange a date and location to conduct an out-door sale following the provincial restrictions and advertise the big event.  You can purchase trays of plants from green houses and sell them for a profit, promote crafters who donate items, etc.

Make It Sow – The Canadian Green Garden Fundraising Program– this is a great way to utilize an existing program to earn money. An easy, eco-friendly way to fundraise with green gardening programs. Garden themed programs helps your organization to support “Go Green”. For more info, check out

Third Party Fundraising– set up a Community Fundraisers website that encourages third parties to raise money for the cause.

Good luck with your endeavors and if you have any ideas to add to this list, please let your Area Director know.Consult your Area Director and see if s/he is familiar with activities that other clubs are doing.  Networking is a very powerful tool.