The Board of Directors currently consists of five directors, including a President and Vice President.  The Board is responsible for carrying out the duties and responsibilities of the Association.  In addition to the Board of Directors, there is an appointed Secretary Treasurer.

The Manitoba Horticultural Association as of November 2018 was made up of seventeen horticultural societies and garden clubs.  We welcome the Morden & District Horticultural Society to the MHA.

Funds for the operation of the Association are raised from membership fees from its member societies/clubs.  Other fund raising activities are currently being undertaken with the assistance of societies/clubs.

Manitoba Horticultural Association


The objectives of the Manitoba Horticultural Association are:

  1. Through the elected directors and officers of the Association to serve the member societies and clubs as a clearing house for matters relating to horticulture within the province of Manitoba.


  1. To promote the unification of horticultural societies and garden clubs and act as a central agency to these organizations.


  1. To promote to all residents of the province horticulture as a means of beautifying this province.


  1. To promote the use of sound horticultural practices as a means of protecting our environment for future generations.


  1. To encourage members to experiment with new and innovative horticultural practices which are intended or designed to be ecologically friendly.


  1. To encourage horticultural activities and to recognize achievement in this field.


  1. To disseminate, through the member societies and clubs of the Manitoba Horticultural Association and other interested groups, information regarding new or improved plant varieties.


  1. To cooperate with plant breeders and distributors in the testing and evaluation of new and improved plant varieties when called upon to do so.


  1. To provide information regarding horticultural progress, practice and techniques in other parts of the world.


  1. To enter into any other activities that will lead to the horticultural beautification of Manitoba.


  1. To participate in the development and presentation of training programs for horticultural judges and to encourage competent people to participate in those programs.


  1. To maintain current lists of accredited horticultural judges and apprentice judges.


  1. To maintain a list of program topics and presenters for each.


  1. To operate as a non-profit organization.